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About Marcus Anderson

Grammy and Stellar Award Nominated jazz artist Marcus Anderson is an incredible act worth watching and sonically indulging. With more than a dozen studio albums under his belt, this jazz artist creates a musical fusion of R&B, Pop, Rock, Funk and a bit of soul transcending audiences to a different atmosphere. This Spartanburg, SC native and chart topping artist rose to stardom over time.

Marcus found himself being inspired by favored legends Prince and Michael Jackson, but also drew inspiration from the newer styles of entertainers like Ne-Yo and Usher.

Marcus Anderson has a lot of distinguishing qualities as an artist, the most notable being his commitment to the mission and working from the heart. Pouring into the music and amplifying the sound through emotion and power takes more skill and dedication than one may think; Marcus takes the creative process and journey seriously and his sound is a reflection of that of a marriage. He is delivering impactful-genre changing music in a humble way. Being fortunate to work and being mentored by one of his musical heroes, the late Artist Formerly Known As Prince, this career leap opened Marcus’ eyes and the doors of the opportunities to come. Thereafter, he has performed with the likes of Ceelo Green, Judith Hill, Stevie Wonder, and Liv Warfield to name a few. Marcus was also featured on the late legend’s final release Hit N Run Phase 2, playing on “Revelation” and “Look at Me Look at You”.

Marcus Anderson is a showstopper whether he is standing with or for household names. From setting the stage for dignitaries such as former President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton or blazingly performing alongside superstar musician and icon Sheila E, along with both Anthony Hamilton and Miguel, Anderson’s performance skills and raw talent are the reason he will always be the man of the hour.

Audiences of all musical tastes have made their way to hear Marcus Anderson and his band “The Creatives'', knowing and anticipating being in the presence of stellar musicianship, every time. He and his band present a show that is equally high-spirited and welcoming, with Anderson as a multi-instrumentalist at the forefront, unapologetic and unafraid of “giving it his all”. Marcus Anderson is a fan-favorite at nationally and internationally recognized festivals such as Essence Music Festival, Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival, Seabreeze Jazz Fest and many more. He has also appeared with headliners on top-ranking shows like The Tonight Show, Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Jimmy Fallon.